Mother- Daughter Shabbaton!
13 Kislev - 15 Kislev ~ December 1st - 3rd

We are looking forward to spending a beautiful weekend with you and your daughter/s. The schedule for the weekend is as follows:

Friday - 12:00 - 1:00 pm - Join your daughter in school for lunch and meet the RBCA staff

Friday night- Shabbos dinner with your daughter/s at your host's home

Shabbos- Meal and Farbrengen in Chabad of Coral Springs

Motzei Shabbos- Melava Malka at RBCA

Sunday - 3: pm - Production!

Please note: There is an Eiruv in Coral Springs according to the Alter Rebbe.

The cost of the Shabbaton is $36.00 which does not include production tickets. If you are not able to join us for Shabbos and will just be coming to the Melava Malka the cost is $18.


I am attending the Shabbaton
I am unable to attend for Shabbos but will attend the Melava Malka
I am unable to attend


Please find me a host for the weekend
I will make my own arrangements
I would be happy to host a mother/daughter for the weekend


Credit Card: Exp: Sec:
Zip: Name on Card:

Please let us know what day you arrive/depart so we can arrange host accordingly.    Questions or Comments? 

Thank You! Looking forward to a wonderful weekend!