The Rohr Bais Chaya Academy services students in Judaic and Secular Studies for girls in 9th thru 12th grade. We are committed to kindling the hearts and minds of our students and to give them a deep appreciation of their Jewish heritage. The school's goal is to ensure that the students will be capable of functioning as mature, dedicated Jewish women academically, socially and spiritually.

Our curriculum focuses on the development of analytical and communication skills, encouraging each student to think critically and independently. Developing in our students an unconditional love for all, and developing a lasting Hiskashrus to the teachings of the Rebbe are the main spiritual themes of the school. Our activities include:

*Bnos Chabad, *Achos HaTemimim, *Farbrengens, *Shabbatons, *Hiskashrus war

*Color war, *Special classes on Chabad History and its personalities, * Chessed Programs

*Weekly Video with the Rebbe, *Weekly Pre-Mincha Workshop, *Yearly Production